Featured Menu Item: Melon and Prosciutto Salad, A Little Taste of Italy

The Prosciutto featured in our salad this menu is Prosciutto di Parma, Italy’s most popular ham dating back to 100 BC. To make Parma ham, you coat the outside with sea salt and cure it for a minimum of one year to draw out moisture and concentrate the flavor. The pigs must be raised in 12 specific regions in Italy and produced in the province of Parma in order for a ham to be truly labeled as “Prosciutto di Parma.” Prosciutto di Parma is covered by the Protected Designation of Origin, meaning that it can only acquire the name “Parma” if it meets all regulations at all production levels, protecting its authenticity.

The base for the salad is vibrant arugula, a crisp nutty green that pairs well with virtually anything. We add diced honeydew and cantaloupe melon for a bite of sweet and freshness that complements the salty taste of the prosciutto.


Loyal Customer? Remember to pick up a Rewards Card!

Last semester in the Spring of 2015, we started our Rewards Card program as a way to thank you to all of our loyal customers who keep coming back to the truck week in and week out. Since our opening in the Fall of 2013, the University of Maryland community has been so supportive of the Green Tidings brand and our food. We are so appreciative of your continuous loyalty and enthusiasm.. Our customers truly keep Green Tidings alive and make it the success that it is today. With our rewards card, if you purchase 10 salads or entrees, you get your 11th free! Ask the cashier to punch your card each time you order a salad or entree. When you’ve reached ten punches and redeemed your free meal, don’t forget to ask for another card!


Green Tidings’ Falafel: A Middle-Eastern Classic Street Treat in College Park

From food trucks to restaurants, you can find falafel all over the United States. But its story didn’t start here. Originating in Egypt, falafel was first made with fava beans to serve as substitute for meat during Lent, and it is considered the national dish of many Middle Eastern countries, including Egypt, Palestine, and Israel. Israelis brought falafel to Europe and the United States in the early 1970’s, and today, falafel typically consists of chickpeas and is served virtually anywhere, including on our own Green Tidings food truck!


Chef Tom preparing our falafel mixture in the Catering Kitchen

Our falafel is house-made, featuring dry garbanzo beans as the base and chickpea flour as the binder. Our mixture is spiced with fresh coriander, cumin seeds, and cayenne pepper for a bold flavor. For a bright green color and a refreshing taste, we add fresh cilantro and roasted garlic puree to the mix. We fry the falafel balls until they become dark brown and crispy on the outside. We serve our dish with pita bread; a refreshing and light chopped tomato, adding a lighter element to the entrée; olive feta salad, featuring Manzanilla olives stuffed with pimento and Kalamata olives; and hummus. There are also two sauces available to add to your dish: a roasted red pepper aioli and a refreshing cucumber dill yogurt to add new layers of flavor.

Our falafel is both gluten free and vegetarian/vegan friendly! It’s the last week we’re featuring this menu, so come find us around campus and treat yourself to our Middle-Eastern inspired masterpiece.